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JM38510/75702B2Hex Inverter Schmitt Trigger Input
JM38510/34501SCQuad 2-Input Exclusive-OR Gate
LM3460M5-1.2Precision Controller for GTLp and GTL Bus Termination
LM113MDSPrecision Reference
LMC7211AIMXTiny CMOS Comparator with Rail-to-Rail Input
COP8FGG528N88-Bit CMOS ROM Based and OTP Microcontrollers with 8k or 32k Memory, Two Comparators, and USART
LM4040BIM3X-5.0Precision Micropower Shunt Voltage Reference
LMV1012TP-15Analog Pre-Amplified ICs for High Gain Microphones
5962-9214801QRAOctal Bidirectional Transceiver with TRI-STATE Outputs
COP87L40CJM-1N8-Bit CMOS OTP Microcontrollers with 4k or 32k Memory and Comparator
LM2593HV3.3MWCSIMPLE SWITCHER Power Converter 150 KHz 2A Step-Down Voltage Regulator with Features
LP3981ILD-2.83Micropower, 300mA Ultra Low-Dropout CMOS Voltage Regulator
LP3961EMP-1.8800mA Fast Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulator
LP3965ES-3.31.5A Fast Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulator
LM340G-5MWCSeries 3-Terminal Positive Regulators
JM38510/75503S2Octal Bidirectional Transceiver with TRI-STATE Inputs/ Outputs
54ACTQ646SDMQuiet Series Octal Transceiver/Register with 3-STATE Outputs
LMC7221BINTiny CMOS Comparator with Rail-to-Rail Input and Open Drain Output
LMV721M710MHz, Low Noise, Low Voltage, and Low Power Operational Amplifier
54F139DMQBDual 1-of-4 Decoder/Demultiplexer
LM3710YQMM-232Microprocessor Supervisory Circuits with Power Fail Input, Low Line Output, Manual Reset and Watchdog Timer
DS90CF562MTDLVDS 18-Bit Color Flat Panel Display (FPD) Link
LP2982IBP-2.8Micropower 50 mA Ultra Low-Dropout Regulator
5962-9161101M3A8-Bit D-Type Flip-Flop
LM810M3X-3.083-Pin Microprocessor Reset Circuits
LM308AJ-8Operational Amplifier
LM3089NFM Receiver IF System
LP2952AIMAdjustable Micropower Low-Dropout Voltage Regulator
ADC0808CCN8-bit Microprocessor Compatible A/D Converters With 8-Channel Multiplexer

Q2N2222 M2A M302 M810LR M825 M863G M925 PC817 PIC16F628 PIC16F84 PIC16F877 R10 R20 R2500 R7000 T22A T2H TDA2003 TEA1002 TL084 TL494 TSOP1738 ULN2003 ULN2803 V68 V8000 V82 VT8251 MEGA128 NE555 7805 78L05 LM324 LM311 LM317 LM339 LM358 LM386 LM741 MAX232

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